HGR Packaging Solutions

Our Story

HGR Packaging Solutions, an ISO 9000 Certified leading Packaging Solutions Company in Bangalore, India. Founded in 2016, the company is powered by a dynamic and spirited group of individuals, built on a strong foundation of transparency and ethics.

We are equipped with the state of the art manufacturing unit backed up with latest technology to deliver and provide high quality service to different sectors of Packaging. With world-class infrastructure, we focus on shorter lead times, economic service solutions, and a complete solution for customer requirements.

HGR caters to different industrial sectors like Agriculture, Feed, Oil Rig, Chemical and petroleum products etc with all the quality management systems required to maintain consistency and delivery of the product. We are also focused on catering to the food industry through specially designed food-grade facilities (clean room) assuring quality FIBC bags free of contaminants. Our expertise also includes the production and export of quality fabric mainly to produce BOPP bags for packing of grains, cereals, flour.

Having a global presence with customers spread over Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia, our clientele includes some of the world's largest flour mills, petroleum companies and energy firms.



Formation of the company, production of small bag fabric, small bags to pack 25, 50 kg materials like cement, sugar and flour.


Exporting of varioius FIBC (jumbo bags) to pack chemical like sodium chloride, barite, bentonite, calcium chloride etc.


Approval of various petrochemical firms to HGR and exports of bags to major petrochemical and energy companies in the world.


Beginning of exports of jumbo bags to South American countries supplies of jumbo bags to various flour mills in the world.


Exports to oil rigging industries.


Approval of food grade bags to Australia.