HGR Products

FIBC (Flexible intermediate bulk containers)

FIBC bags are manufactured by polypropylene woven fabrics in various capacities starting from 500kgs and can go up to 2000kgs and more based on the requirements. Additional liners can be added for further protection in jumbo bags. FIBC bags are of various types based on the applications

Standard bag

Standard Bags are bags you can find in-stock and ready to ship in high quantities and can be used in a large variety of industry applications and uses. They can be manufactured as per requirement.

U panel bag

U panel bag

U-panel bags are constructed with three body panels - one that runs the full length of the bag forming the bottom and two sides and two additional pieces.

4 panel Jumbo bag

4 panel Jambo

4-Panel bags are constructed with four individual pieces sewn together to form a sqaure structure. When filled, a 4-panel bag will hold its square shape similar to other construction types.

Circular bag

Circular Jambo

Circular bags are made with a tubular piece of fabric that forms all sides of the bag allowing for stitching only for the top and bottom of the bag.

Conical bag

Conical bag

FIBCs (big bags/bulk bags) with a conical base are specially developed for poorly flowing products. The conical shape at the bottom of the.....

Builder bags

Builder bag

Builder bags are used for high volume usage. They are made mostly for construction and building industries for the filling, storing and disposing of their material and waste.

Baffle bags

Conical bag

Baffles are extra fabric panels or pieces of string sewn into each of the bag's four corners. This reinforcement allows the bag to better hold its square shape when filled making them easier to store side by side or stack. They maintain their square shape making it easy to store In warehouses and easy for space optimisation.